47 Things I’ve Learned In The Last 8 Years


On December 10th, 2007 I put up my first post on YLHelp. Over the first summer I decided to do a series on “This Year…”. In these posts I reflect over the summer on things I learned over the course of the previous school year.

Summer is a good time to take a step back and reflect at a distance on all things YL.

I have a handful of reflections I’m about to roll out about the 2014-2015 school year, but I thought I’d take a bigger step back to show you the 47 previous reflections I’ve had over the past 8 years. Some are a bit dated, and some have been updated quite a bit (for leadership see this post), but chances are there is something hidden below that is worth your time.


This Year…Top 10 Sabbatical lessons

This Year… Contact Work Initiative

This Year… Golf Lessons Finally and What it Means for YL Leadership

This Year… Living Rooms as Holy Places

This Year… Discipleship Cohort


This Year… Church History Class for my area… lots of interest!

This Year… The Year of YL Books!

This Year… If Grumpy, Do Contact Work (Knowing Yourself)

This Year… Contact Work-ish

This Year…Best Prank Yet? No Clubble?


This Year…Club and Campaigners on Same Topic

This Year… Sending New Leaders in Pairs to Teams

This Year… Learning Leadership Through The Worst Coach Ever

This Year… Molly Prayed Every Night

This Year… Encouraged Baptisms

This year… Twitter over Spring Break

This Year… A Spreadsheet for Who Did What


This Year… West Coast – East Coast YL

This Year… Junior Junior Leaders

This Year… Pray Big, Listen Hard

This Year… Follow Others Online Too

This Year…Deposit Incentive for Camp

This Year… Guest Speakers

This Year…Limit the Choices for the Person of Christ Talks

This Year…Silence at the End of a Talk

This Year…Train a Guitar Player


This Year…Fasting Conversation Was Our Best Campaigners!

This Year…Don’t Give Up

This Year…Use Facebook to Ask For Stuff for Club

This Year… We Added More Junior Leaders


This Year… Club at My House Every Week!

This Year… Stickers… Lots of Stickers!

This Year… Club at the Mall

This Year… Started a Lunchtime Activity

This Year… Rode The Team Bus To Games

This Year… New Club: Club Every Other Week

This Year… Cook with Your Kids!

This Year… Serve with Your Club Kids

This Year… Don’t Start Club Until You Reach a Goal


This year… YLHelp.com helped me and other a lot

This year… Campaigners before club

This year… Started a campus club

This year… Graduated Seminary!

This year… Brought a kid on a trip with me

This year… Made a Promo Video for Club with kids

This year… FYL! First Year Leader training

This year… Cross Country over Basketball

Looking for summer camp follow-up/campaigners resources? Look here.

Looking for a way to get contact work started in the Fall? Look here.

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