This year… Cross Country over Basketball

boys cross country For six years I have coached basketball at Pinnacle High School. I love basketball. It is so much fun helping this way. It has helped me make great connections with the school and the administration. It is well worth it. You might think that I have a lot of club kids from the basketball team, right? Nope. I’ve only brought two to camp and only a few more to club. Ouch! Trust me, it hurts. Yes, I have a great YL leader relationship with these kids, but it is very disappointing.

Enter Twiggs Reed. I had an assignment (now two) with this quirky and incredible guy. He loves loves loves running. He told me I should go after cross country kids, they are more dedicated, more open, etc. Also no one goes to their events. At other sports, there are plenty of people there. How about an away JV cross country meet? Even the parents hardly come. The kids can easily tell you really care about them.

I’m debating whether I’ll coach basketball (a sport I love), I might just do it to keep the connections going with the school. But I know I will continue to focus on other sporting events much much more.

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