Mark in a Month

Mark in a Month is the Gospel of Mark spread out over 30 days. Each day includes a reading from of the Gospel of Mark, some explanatory notes, a thought for the day, and carefully worded questions to dig into the text. After 30 days you will have read the entire Gospel of Mark and engaged in an in-depth study of Jesus and his teaching.

The booklet includes the actual Gospel of Mark, so it is a handy self-contained booklet for easy use. It can be used alone, as a tool for one-on-one discipleship, or in a group setting.

Example from Day 1: Mark in a Month Day 



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Comments about Mark in a Month:

“Mark in a Month” is what you need for campaigners and for camp follow up! Why? Young Life savvy content is hard to find and this one fits perfectly. The right amount of depth, openness and flexibility. This will help you begin the hard, wonderful work of discipleship.

Marty Caldwell, Senior Vice President, Young Life


Mark in a Month is as fine a guide as I’ve seen for helping young people, heck, anybody, read a gospel, soak in it, and really listen for the Lord’s voice through the Scripture. It is really well done and well thought-out. The questions show Sean’s intentionality and passion in delivering the Scripture.

Scott Lisea, Associate Head of School for Spiritual Life, Oaks Christian School–Westlake Village, CA

Previously 23 Years on Young Life Staff


As YL leaders we constantly try and often fail to convince our high school friends to read the Bible. One of the reasons kids don’t read it is they just don’t know where to start.  ‘Mark in a Month’ is an easy to read starting point that helps your YL friends learn to read God’s Word.  Sean walks them through the Gospel of Mark with short, yet helpful, daily devotions. What greater gift could we give our friends than inviting and equipping them to daily hear from their Maker and Savior?

Drew Hill, Family & Outreach Pastor, Church of the Redeemer, Greensboro, NC

Volunteer Young Life Leader and former YL staff


Mark in a Month is a great tool in teaching teenagers how to read the bible. It is a great building block for long term disciple-making.

Tanita Maddox, Area Director, Santa Barbara Young Life


When Sean writes he has a gift of bringing a depth in scripture and a simplicity in reader accessibility that is much appreciated.  Mark in a Month is no exception.  This booklet is helpful as a personal devotional or even in leading a small group Bible study.  It can be used for new believers or someone who has been walking with the Lord for a while.  I plan on using this booklet a great deal and I highly recommend you do s well.

 Chris McGuire, Area Director, Burbank Young Life


Mark in a Month is a great tool to use with kids! Looking for a great campaigner lesson? Looking for a devotional for a leader meeting? This not only is a wonderful month long study with a small group, but each lesson is a fantastic study for one time use!

Neal Eckerlin, Area Director, Rancho Benardo Young Life


Once again, Sean has provided an excellent resource to study the word of God and bring his readers into a deeper, more tangible relationship with Jesus. He has written a Bible study that facilitates a group Study but in an engaging manner on a personal level. I appreciate the set up to encourage those reading to spend time with Jesus and in the word, studying every day. We have used, with great success, each of Sean’s Bible studies that he has written! We are very excited to use this study on Mark, with each of our Young Life Campaigner groups this summer. Thank you Sean for providing yet another excellent study, bringing us closer to Jesus.

Bree Haskell, Silicon Valley Young Life