New Testament in a Year

NTY Cover basicThe New Testament in a Year organizes the entire New Testament into 365 daily readings and includes an introductory thought for each day as well as questions to process each daily New Testament reading. The focus is on getting the most out of your daily reading of the biblical text yourself with minimal distraction.

To get to know God you must know what He says about Himself, about you, and about life. The best way to do that is to read everything that He has given us in Scripture. The New Testament in a Year will help you grow your mind and heart as you read daily through the entire New Testament. Perhaps after you are done with the New Testament you should read the entire Bible, but take one step at a time and commit to discovering God’s word each day for yourself in this easy-to-follow format. You can view a sample HERE or via the Amazon “look inside” view.

-Read through the entire New Testament in a year.

-Short daily readings with an introductory thought and daily question help ground your heart and mind each day.

-The easy-to-read NET Bible translation allows you to focus on what the New Testament is saying in an accurate and engaging way.

-Start today to see what surprises God may have for your life.

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Some feedback on the New Testament in a Year…

“Learning to read the Bible slowly, consistently and seeking understanding is a practice worth every effort. This Bible helps us “practice” daily  reading with a wonderful eye toward applying what we read to our lives. An excellent tool with a a lofty purpose! This New Testament will deepen the truths learned in every discipleship setting.”

-Marty Caldwell, Young Life International 

“There are thousands of devotionals that are written by great folks with helpful insight, but nothing compares to reading the actual Word of God. The “New Testament in a Year” breaks down scripture in readable chunks that make it possible to do on a daily basis. If you’ve tried to read through the entire Bible in a year and been discouraged with the large amounts of reading, “NT in a year” is a fantastic alternative.”

-Drew Hill, Associate Pastor at Church of the Redeemer and author of “The Young Life Leader Blog.”

“The New Testament in a Year is a wonderful guide for discipleship and those wanting to go deeper in their relationship with Christ. The comments and questions are helpful while keeping scripture the main focus of each day.”

– Lynn Barclay Brewer, Tar Heel Regional Director and Young Life National Director of Discipleship

To make a life of faith accessible, attractive and doable is the gifting that Sean McGever has brought to the mission of Young Life for years and is seen with great clarity in this simple New Testament in a yearly devotional.  It is clean and simple with the scripture alongside! In an age where scripture is more accessible than ever- discipleship, biblical literacy and spiritual knowledge continue to struggle.   This simple book is a step in the right direction.  I am grateful.

-Ken Tankersley , Senior Vice President, Young Life Northwestern Division

“Young Life leaders you now have a new tool to engage your friends in reading the Bible! Sean and Erin McGever have created a great tool for us. New Testament In A Year, sets us up to read the Bible on a daily basis.  They provide the structure and the questions, and we simply follow the dates.”

-Chris Theule-VanDam, Regional Director, Western Great Lakes Young Life

The New Testament in a Year is an answer to a great need! The New Testament in a Year is an incredible resource to equip new and seasoned readers of the Bible. The format fosters an environment for the reader to open the Bible to the corresponding date, and dig in on a daily basis. Each day there is a sentence which invites the reader into the word, giving them a glimpse of what they’re about to read and how it may apply to their life. This is the piece filling such a great need. It is like reading the Bible with a friend or mentor. The scripture becomes less foreign and more intimate before it is even read. At the end of each day’s short reading there is a challenge question or thought for the reader to put into action.

I know of no better resource, to equip those who are new to reading the bible; to help them read the Bible regularly, understand what they are reading, and apply it to their lives and the world around them.

-Bree Haskell, Metro Director, Silicon Valley Young Life

As someone who works in Youth Ministry and leads Bible Studies this book is a must read. I have long been an admirer of the McGever’s and their helpful insights into God’s Word. The introductions to each book in the Bible give the reader a great framework for the upcoming study. The conversational questions and comments they provide coupled with the Scripture render this book a captivating read for new believers, Young Life leaders and even Pastors. ‘New Testament in a Year’ will be my go to guide for years to come. –

– Matt Hock, Associate Regional Director

“I’ve been leading a small group of college students for several years utilizing the One Year New Testament for Busy Moms & Busy Dads. The New Testament in a Year and notes added by the McGevers are a perfect fit for our group and provide much more thought provoking, current, and useful comments for our discussion. The introductions for each book of the New Testament are also really helpful.”

-Debbie Griggs, Area Director

This is a great resource. The New Testament in a Year has a great format. The daily reading makes it palatable for those who are newer to reading the Bible. The way it is divided makes such logical sense and reminds me of how the Bible was given chapters and verses a few centuries ago to make it more accessible.

The well thought-out questions seemed universally helpful for individuals or small group discussions. The New Testament in a Year is like a modern day ‘Serendipity Bible’ with its ability to set someone up for both personal discovery through he questions, or to easily facilitate a group of others.

-Jeff Huber, Regional Director, Inland NW

I like the New Testament in a Year because it engages a person who may be new or young to scriptures. The daily reading with a single question is not overwhelming or intimidating. However, at the same time those who are looking for depth can also use the New Testament in a Year as a launching pad to ask more questions than those simply given.

In my context of ministry, I see this as a real tool for kids returning from camp or a campaigner group looking to take a stronger approach to biblical consistency. In fact in the small group and campaigners context, the New Testament in a Year sets the leader up for a real win because it provides an entire years worth of lesson plans which are ready to use in a group.

-Ernie Merino, Area Director