This year… Started a campus club

yearbook This year we started an official campus club. There are a couple reasons why. First, official campus clubs can use the facilities free, that help a ton. Next, this allows us to be on campus more and even do announcements. It also allows us to be at things like freshman orientation. Also, it allows us to give a formal name to the incredible leadership efforts our students put in (i.e. we have a president, vice president, etc, though we don’t mention it much, it might help their college resumes).

I was hesitant and careful about how we use this tool. First, it is student initiated. Also, the official club portion represents only the lunch meetings. We do not promote after school events through the announcements. So what we have settled on is a once a month meeting at lunch with our club kids to play a game or show a video of camp, and then talk about our plans for the next month and how the kids can be involved. Through this we have planned a couple student-led clubs.

I think we really are in the first stages of using this tool effectively. In fact, if you have any ideas, let us know.

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