Spring 2020 Club Plans, Songs, Chords, PowerPoints

I’m sure your semester plans are off and running. Mine are too. Maybe this will help…

Semester Plans

My team and I have put together all of our plans for the semester. I thought I’d pass them along in case any of them are helpful for you, might spark your own ideas, or save you some time.

Here is what is included:

-11 Club Plans (Glow Club, UHaul Club, Surprise Club, 4th de Mayo Club, PJ and Pillowfight Club, The Office Club, Lettuce Club, Greek/College Club, Field Day Club, Emo Club)

-29 Songs with Chords we are singing this semester

-11 PowerPoints with lyrics for each club

Get all of that in one zip file HERE.

I’m sure your plans will be much better than ours, but I figured I’d share these if they are helpful!

 New Talk Videos

Some of you may know that I spent four years going through one gospel per year and one chapter a week to give some ideas about how you could do a club talk through each chapter of each gospel. In case you are interested, the links are below. You can join my YouTube channel here.

Gospel of Matthew Club Talks

Gospel of Mark Club Talks

Gospel of Luke Club Talks

Gospel of John Club Talks

Now that I have covered all of those, I plan on making some more videos on specific topics like: “my first club talk,” “club talk delivery,” “alternative approaches to club talks” just to name a few. If you are interested, just follow what I’m up to on YouTube.

Other Stuff

I have a few other things in the works that aren’t ready yet. One is a new approach we are trying for campaigners. Others are several writing projects (academic and practical) that I’m praying will be helpful for others.

Super random, but, if you have used the New Testament in a Year, I would appreciate if you could give it a rating on Amazon – no worries if you can’t now, I know you all have a lot going on.

On the other hand, if there is anything I can share with you, shoot me a message (or just hit reply if you received this as an email).

Many blessings on your ministry! Keep going!

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