This Year… Club at My House Every Week!

image This year we were able to move into a bigger house (yeah recession!) that was closer to the school so that we could have club there. We had been wanting this for a long time (you can read about that here). My wife and I had talked about it even back when we were dating in high school!

It has worked out awesome! You need to know that having a ton of people over and hosting them is something that for some reason God has gifted us with, I know it wouldn’t work for everyone. But it has been great to have a consistent place for club each week. It also cuts down on my time to travel to and from club each week. Same thing for team meetings and campaigners. This way too, the club kids and leaders get to see my family and how we operate, which I think is a key part of what we hope they “catch” in club. Also my kids get to listen to club talks and see how our family is ministering as a team. I’ve had great talks with my children about why we have club at our house and about daddy’s high school friends and leaders. It also has allowed my wife to be more of a part of our ministry to kids and leaders. I know it is not for everyone, but it has worked great for us!

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