This Year… New Club: Club Every Other Week

image The “This Year…” series looks back at lessons learned in the past year of YL. It will feature several posts and guest posts.

Here is one from my friend Andi from Elk Grove, CA…

We started a new club this year and one of the things that we did to help train leaders and make sure we continued doing contact work was to have club every other week.  Then on the opposing week we did contact work together as a team. For contact work we went bowling, did the eat the menu event, played ultimate frisbee, had a pizza party, rode segways with chimps, you know the standard stuff. It was a lot of fun and it helped our leaders continue to do contact work and not just come to club.  We also set contact work goals and held each other accountable for obtaining our goals.  We also reevaluated our goals often. 

Thanks Andi! What did you learn this year? Let me know at smcgever (at) yahoo dot com.

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