OT12: Twelve Old Testament Stories to Grow in Jesus

Jesus Christ is the focal point of the Bible. Jesus studied and knew his Bible: the Old Testament. Every Christian grows in their faith by understanding the Old Testament better.

OT12 introduces us to twelve stories that every Christian should know and how they connect us to Jesus Christ.

Each study includes the Bible text, study notes, questions about the passage, questions about how each story connects to Jesus (and the New Testament scriptures), and questions about how all of this connects with our lives today.


1. God Created the World (Genesis 1)
Adam and Eve’s Sin (Genesis 2-3)
Noah and the Ark (Genesis 6-7)
God’s Promise to Abraham (Genesis 12)
Abraham Willing to Sacrifice Isaac (Genesis 22)
Baby Moses (Exodus 1-2)
Israel Crossing the Red Sea (Exodus 14)
The Ten Commandments (Exodus 19-20)
David the Shepherd (1 Samuel 16)
David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17)
Solomon and the Temple (1 Kings 8)
The Coming King (Isaiah 53)


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What people are saying about OT12…

Too often Christians neglect the Old Testament to their spiritual detriment. Not only is the Old Testament the foundation story to the New Testament, Jesus himself that the whole of the Old Testament, which he called the Scriptures, was all about him (Luke 24:25-27, 44-45). Sean McGever provides us with twelve studies of Old Testament passages that demonstrate the connection between the Old Testament and Jesus. I highly recommend this for all Christians.
Tremper Longman III
Distinguished Scholar and Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies
Westmont College

I highly and enthusiastically recommend this Bible Study booklet, OT12: Twelve Old Testament Stories to Grow in Jesus. Sean McGever has done a masterful job making key OT stories accessible and practical. The format prompts great discussion as it looks at questions about the OT passage, about connections to Jesus and lastly, connections to us today. This is a great tool for discipleship which will help the Old Testament come alive and will ground students in a greater sense of biblical literacy. I believe this resource will lead those who use it to a greater appreciation and appetite for God’s Word and ultimately greater transformation in Christ.”
Pam Moore
Young Life Training Director

OT12 pulls back the curtain and reveals how the Old Testament points directly to Jesus. In an easy-to-understand format, Dr. Sean McGever makes the ancient stories accessible for all ages. This journey backward into history will propel you forward in your faith.
Drew Hill
Pastor | RedeemerGSO.org
Editor | YoungLifeLeaders.org
Author | AlongsideTeenagers.com

This is a much needed study for adolescents to grow in their faith! An opportunity to look at the Bible holistically–growing in their understanding of Jesus within the context of the Old Testament. The set-up of the study is inviting and encouraging to use for personal study and/or groups!
Marisa Avramovich
Greater LA Young Life Regional Trainer
Southwest Division Training Coordinator
YL-Catholic Relations Team

For those leading a discussion based small group and short on prep time, OT12 offers an accessible dive into stories that have been shaping faith for generations. Probing questions set facilitators up for success as the group engages with the text and Christian life.
Amy Jacober, PhD
Grand Canyon University

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through Sean McGever’s OT12: Twelve Old Testament Stories to Grow in Jesus. I particularly appreciated how he tied the Old Testament story to the New Testament and then how it applies to our lives. I think this tool will be very effective for Young Lifer’s and teenagers in churches as well. I would recommend it for all ages.
Larry Anderson, D. Min.
Senior Pastor, North Bible Church