This Year… Stickers… Lots of Stickers!

image This year we decided to get stickers made up for each school with club. On the stickers we had a YL logo and the school name. Surprisingly, they were very cheap to make. You can find custom one-color stickers for five to ten cents each depending on how many you get. It seemed like a no-brainer to throw out 20-40 stickers at club and for contact work (you could even put the club details on the sticker). It is a great way to get the word out that is cheaper then a t-shirt and lasts longer then a flier. I saw them on cars and on books and binders at school all the time. It was a smart investment, especially when money is tight, like now.

Making a design is as easy as opening up Power Point (most people have this I think), putting a logo and some text in there and then going to “save as type…” and in the file type part scroll to the bottom and look for “jpg”. I use Photoshop, but I’ve used this other way before for simple stuff and I figure most can do this very easily if they don’t know anything about photo/design editing.

I have my stickers made at They have great prices and do a great job and make it easy to order. Don’t hesitate to call them on the phone, they have real people who help you.  

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