Talk Tuesday! Club Talk Helps

Followers of YLHelp will know that I recommend going through a gospel a year, using the odd chapters in the Fall and the even chapters in the Spring.

Below you will find a passage from each chapter of the gospels along with a sheet of tips on the talk and a video where I give some tips and suggestions on the passage and ideas about how to use it in a club talk. I will update this page as the details come available.

You can find previous talk Tuesdays at the following links:

Gospel of Matthew (HERE)

Gospel of John (HERE)


Gospel Of Luke: Fall 2017 / Spring 2018

Overall Plan Click Here

Luke 1: 1-4: Eyewitness of God’s Story and How it Connects with Our Story¬†

Help Sheet Click Here

Luke 3:21-22: Who is Jesus? Who are You?

Help Sheet Click Here

Luke 5:1-11: A Trip That Changed My Life (When Peter Met Jesus)

Help Sheet Click Here

Luke 7:1-10, 36-50: Welcome to All: Who is this Man who even Forgives Sin?

Help Sheet Click Here

Luke 9:12-17: Who is Jesus. Jesus is like no one else. Who is Jesus?

Help Sheet Click Here

Luke 11:39-42: You Belong Before You Behave (Jesus’ Inside-Out Work)

Help Sheet Click Here