2015/16 Gospel of John Club Talk Plans and Talk Tuesdays on Periscope


You might know by now but I like going through the gospels for club talks (and campaigners… see here and here and here and here). See those links for all the reasons why I like it.

This year our area is going through the Gospel of John (again… we did it four years ago, crazy how that happens huh? We considered moving on to the Gospel of Thomas but the last verse didn’t seem like it fit very well… theo-nerd humor there… sorry)

So here are two things that might help you if you are interested:

First, click here for our Gospel of John club talk plan for the Fall, which are gospel passages from the odd numbered chapters from John (1, 3, 5, etc.) that work well for club talks. We will do the even chapters in the Spring.

Second, this Tuesday I am starting “Talk Tuesday” on Periscope at 8PMish on Tuesday nights (AZ time). My aim is to share for about 10 minutes some options and ideas about: 1) the scripture, a basic overview, the background, 2) possible main point(s), 3) what this scripture tells us about Jesus, 4) what this scripture has to do with our life, 5) any relevant technical details, and 6) possible illustrations to consider. Maybe even some time for Q&A and your suggestions too. All that in 10 minutes… hopefully! I will give this a shot for a few weeks and see if it is helpful. My main purpose is to help leaders in my area, but you are welcome to come too! It is on Tuesdays since most clubs I know about are on Mondays (YL), and Fridays (WL)… so it should give you enough time to work out your own ideas.

If you are interested consider following YLHelp on Periscope (download Periscope here and then search for @ylhelp)

I will post my notes and a link to the recorded video after the Periscope session is over.

Why am I doing this? Not because I am the best speaker (I’m not), or the best scholar (I’m not)… but I do want to help us dig a bit deeper, especially on person of Christ talks. I’m not the best but I’ve spoke at club and camps for quite a while and also teach biblical interpretation for a university; at the very least I’m just hoping to get us to collaborate and learn from each other. It would be great if other people sent me their ideas to pass along too. Maybe I’ll see you soon…

Looking for campaigners resources? Look here.

Looking for a way to get contact work started in the Fall? Look here.

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