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Wyld Questions: A Booklet for Wyldlife Campaigners

Some of you know that I’ve put a few booklets together to help with campaigners and camp follow-up. Well, I have a new one called Wyld Questions. It is aimed at Wyldlife campaigners and I’ve been fortunate to have tried it out last summer in my area and also get […]

Club Talk and Campaigners Plan: Luke 4 – This is God’s Year to Act!

A few weeks ago I shared how we are going through the Gospel of Luke, and hopefully Acts as well, this year in our club. I thought I’d pass along a club talk and campaigners lesson I did for our club a few weeks ago. As you may know, we […]

Campaigner Ideas for the Fall Semester

In our club we start campaigners before we start club. I thought I’d run down some great campaigner options… 1. 1st 30 Quiet Times by Ty Saltzgiver – This is tried and tested resource that continues to be a great option. It is a great resource to give a kid […]

Mark in a Month

I know many of you have utilized one of the booklets that I’ve written. Thank you! I hope they have been helpful. Cabin Time Continued was one of the top selling booklets in YL camp stores last year, and is in three times as many camp stores this summer! I […]

Another Name for Campaigners – “Community”

Over the years I’ve tried a few things to change the name of campaigners to something else: Wiffleball Wednesdays, Commandos (WL), and a few others. I’ve also heard of names like “Man Club”, “Super-Man Club”, “Breakfast Club”, “Brothers of Thunder”, and others. My friend Alex wrote up an article on […]

Christmas Campaigners

It may be too late, but I thought I’d pass along our Christmas campaigners time from tonight. We opened, as we always do with a game, then we sang some Christmas carols, did some announcements (including an update on Raju, the Developing Global Leaders student staff we are helping support), […]

BYOC – Build Your Own Campaigners

For the past few years our club has split up guys and girls campaigners. This year some details changed and our leadership team decided to do campaigners co-ed. When I put together all of my ideas I simply had too many components that I wanted to include. So I came […]

Campaigners Booklets

I hope you enjoy I don’t do this often, but I wanted to let you know about some booklets that I have written. On YLHelp I’ve posted 258 different posts full of ideas that you can read and use anytime. Enjoy! Here are some other resources that might help […]