How to Plan a Campaigners Bible Study – Seminar Handout


This weekend I had the privilege once again to be a part of the Western Division (now Southwest and Northwest Division) Student Staff Weekend, also known as the “49 Conference”, after Isaiah 49:1. I’d venture to say these are some of the best leaders in the entire mission (maybe I’m biased haha)!

This year I presented a seminar on how to plan a campaigners Bible study. Below is the handout if you are interested. It basically has some intro ideas about campaigners and then goes through an acronym I made up called: BAD. I even played Michael Jackson’s “BAD” song as people were walking in. BAD actually stands for Bible, Arrangement, Delivery. I have thoughts and tips for each part. Give it a look, maybe you will find something helpful!

PS… Props too to my buddy Matt Hock who shot his lowest score in golf during the conference. 🙂

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