Christmas Campaigners

image It may be too late, but I thought I’d pass along our Christmas campaigners time from tonight.

We opened, as we always do with a game, then we sang some Christmas carols, did some announcements (including an update on Raju, the Developing Global Leaders student staff we are helping support), and then moved into our Bible study before closing with prayer requests and prayer.

For our Bible study we divided up these parts to act out:

Luke 1:26-38 Angel speaks to Mary

People: Gabriel (angel) , Mary, Narrator

Gabriel: _____________

Mary: _____________

Luke 2:1-20 Jesus’ birth

People: Caesar, Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, Shepherds, Angel, Heavenly host (lots of angels)

Caesar: ______________

Joeseph: ________________

Baby Jesus (doll)

Shepherds (2): _____________, _______________


Heavenly host (the rest of us)

Narrator: _______________

We gave them 10 minutes to practice, then we talked about what each character experienced.

We closed with two fun Christmas videos, which are below:




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