Semester Plans: Contact Work, Club, Campaigners

Your club semester probably already started. Mine did.

I thought I’d pass along some of our plans:

Contact Work

After staying rooted in Christ and prayer, the most important part of our work is contact work. My clubs are working through a shared Google Sheet so that every leaders has at least ten names of people we keep in touch with regularly. I’ll likely post about it at some other time.

Club Semester Plans

You can find those details HERE. Some clubs are planned out more than others.

Club Music

I recently posted all of our plans HERE.


Our girls leaders are going through OT12: Twelve Old Testament Stories to Grow in Jesus (for info click HERE). The fellas are still working on our plan. If you need ideas or resources, you can look HERE. Also the NT in a Year is a good tool for one-on-one discipleship and leadership development too (HERE).

Club Talks

We are doing the Gospel of John this year in my club. I finished the fourth and final year of the “Talk Tuesday” series last year (one year for each gospel). If you are interested in those, you can find them HERE.

If I can find some time I might create a series of videos on various kinds of talks. I’m a bit swamped at the moment, this might happen next semester.

Wyldlife Strategy

Also, my area is trying something new for WL. The only “club” meetings we are having are once-a-month All Area WL Clubs. The rest of the month each WL team is devoted to weekly contact work and group hangouts (and campaigners if the kids are ready) every two weeks. If this plan works out well, I’ll post about it later.

I’m heading out the door to handout suckers at the junior high… I hope your semester goes great!  -Sean

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