Campaigner Ideas for the Fall Semester

imageIn our club we start campaigners before we start club. I thought I’d run down some great campaigner options…

1. 1st 30 Quiet Times by Ty Saltzgiver – This is tried and tested resource that continues to be a great option. It is a great resource to give a kid and just say, jump right in! It has a short reading and relevant scriptures in an easy do-able format for teenagers and beyond. I’ve had to rework it a bit to use as a guide to “teach” at campaigners, but this is an easy task.

2. Serendipity Bible – When I was in high school my YL leaders simply handed out copies of the Serendipity Bible. We would turn to one of the full page Bible studies and simply read through it. When I was a teen I remember really enjoying them. As a leader I look at them and I think, “wow, these are good, but are really quite simple!” One of the things I have learned over the years in leading campaigners is that often all that is needed is a springboard to get kids reading and thinking about scripture, and then an attentive leader to help direct the conversation. This is a good tool for that kind of campaigners setup.

3. Cabin Time Continued – I know it might be a bit tacky to recommend something I put together, but wouldn’t you be worried if I didn’t think it was worth recommending?! I wrote this booklet as a follow-up to camp as it replicates the traditional club talks we hear at camp, and then follows up with several of what I think are the most essential topics to think about immediately after hearing camp talks.

4. Live Like This – This is a study through the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus’ teaching in this section is radical and counter-cultural. Part 1 & 2 provide 20 studies that can easily be adapted for campaigners, either following the lessons in a teaching format, or a do-it-on-your-own and compare notes each week format.

5. Mark in a Month – This is a study through the Gospel of Mark in 30 days. This study includes minimal commentary other than a few thoughts for each passage. The emphasis in this study is the process of working through the carefully crafted questions and the daily repetitive questions meant to draw ones attention to the Lord’s activity in daily life.

6. Young Life Leader Blog Recommendations – Drew and the team at the YL Leader Blog have put together some great resources recently through book publishers. You should definitely check these out, as well as this too!

I’d love to know… What are you doing this semester in campaigners?

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