Wyld Questions: A Booklet for Wyldlife Campaigners

WQ CoverSome of you know that I’ve put a few booklets together to help with campaigners and camp follow-up. Well, I have a new one called Wyld Questions. It is aimed at Wyldlife campaigners and I’ve been fortunate to have tried it out last summer in my area and also get great feedback from some of the best Wyldlife leaders from around the country to make it better.

If you are interested in checking it out, you can get more details, download an excerpt, order one, and read some feedback I’ve received here:


If you want to read about the other booklets, you can start here.

Here is part of the introduction I wrote…

I can remember the day when I was assigned to lead my first small group Bible study for my junior high guys, Wyldlife campaigners. I sat down to prepare, said a prayer, and then had no idea what to do. So I did what everyone should do, I called someone older and wiser. Before I knew it I was sitting down with my friend Marty and he showed me how to break down a Bible passage, (we were doing Philippians at that time), put it in chunks of thought, and create questions to help guide people through the text.

That was over twenty years ago and though I’ve spent lots of time all over the world studying in training groups, seminaries, and universities how to understand the Bible and communicate it to others… At the end of the day those same simple steps are at the foundation of any good Bible study.

This study is aimed at junior high school conversations. I’ve been a front-line leader for students the entire time I’ve been in leadership. Here are two truths and two lies about students of that age. Lie #1: Junior high students can’t go “deep”. Not true. Just read Luke 2:42-47. Lie #2: Wait until high school when the real issues start coming their way. Not true. You simply have not earned the right to talk to a junior high student to understand what is really going on in the life, heart, and mind. Enough of those, here are two truths. Truth #1: Junior high students don’t need God “watered-down” for their age. In my many years of working with students this age I’ve reviewed countless Bible studies and resources for junior high students. Nearly all of them expect so little of the student that the same lesson could be done with a 7 year old. Furthermore, nearly all of them, I should probably say “all” of them are concerned primarily with behavior modification (being a better person) rather than getting to know the character of the Lord. Truth #2: Junior high students thrive when the format is engaging, dynamic, visual, and it needs to keep moving. The Bible study portion of Wyld Questions could be done by people of any age, but the format, the dice, the visuals, and the object lessons have been intertwined in this study to engage junior higher students right where they are at.

I have fond memories of those first few Wyldlife campaigners with Marty, Matt “the lab rat”, and the chocolate donut stained dress shirt Doug had to wear to his corporate job after our morning study got out of control. I hope Wyld Questions helps you create your own fun and meaningful memories with your junior high friends.

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