Post Camp Wyldlife Campaigners Suggestion


I recently had a WL leader contact me who said that the next day they were going to pull together a campaigners after just getting back from WL camp. They were in a pinch and needed some direction. This is what I wrote. I’d love to hear your thoughts too. Otherwise I hope this might help someone out there in a similar situation!

My suggestion for tomorrow is…
1. Have snacks and maybe a game (we always do catch phrase at PHS YL campaigners)
2. Do high/low at camp
3. Do high/low since being home
4. Bible study*
5. Break up guys and girls for a few extra follow up questions and then prayer

*For the Bible story, I would ask the leaders to pull together one or two of the Bible stories the speaker used at camp. Basically get the kids to get to open up the Bible and read the stories themselves. Then you can ask some simple questions about the stories you read…

1. What is going on here? (Maybe break up the story into a few different parts)
2. What would it feel like to be in this story? (maybe go through each character)
3. What do we learn about Jesus from this story?
4. What do we learn about ourselves from this story?
5. What does this story have to do with my life right now?
6. What is one thing you learned today?

I hope that helps! You could do the same thing at the next time with a different story from the camp talks.

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