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Hipster Club

Love it or hate it, the term “hipster” is everywhere. Who else could leverage the hype and still take a well-deserved shot at the silliness of it all than a Monday night YL club? This is an easy one to ask kids to get into: scarves, beanies, flannel, thick-rimmed glasses, […]

Until Next Year… Top Ten Posts This Semester

This semester had some incredible highs, and some incredible lows for me. We already have our Pinnacle HS YL planning meeting for the Spring all set for later this week. But in the meantime, I thought I’d share the top ten posts of the last semester (based on views). Enjoy! […]

This Year… Follow Others Online Too

In the last year or so others really jumped into the mix online with all things YL. I was amazed as nearly every month another blog or associated Twitter account started posting really great YL stuff! Here are some of the ones I have been really impressed with! YLPlaybook (@ylplaybook) […]

Helpful Links and Apps for YL Leaders

Here are ten links and apps that I have found helpful recently: The Young Life Leader Blog – Wow! I can’t say enough good things about this blog. My friend Drew is posting great resources and ideas. Every YL leader should check it out. YL Playbook – These guys keep […]

Check these out…

Here are some sweet things worth checking out… Matt Golley – A great artist who happens to be going on YL staff in Puerto Rico. I’m buying one right now for our dining room. I really like his use of pages from the book of Acts on this one. YL […]

Some Club Planning Help for the Semester

Here are some resources that will jump-start your planning if you haven’t already… My preliminary semester club plan:   PHS Spring Club Plans Some plans from my friend Hugh in NC: Semester Club Martix Super Bowl Club Club Flier Also, a great resource for club games, mixers, run-ons, etc. is […]

Club Games Link

Here is a link to a pretty good site that my friend Russell told me about… I scanned it quickly and it looked like some standards that have been around for a while but the ability to search and use certain criteria is nice (though similar to this site)

Strange Search Terms…

I can tell which search terms lead people to this blog. Here are a couple funny ones… "hannah montana skit" I get TONS of hits from this one. I guess it is because I suggested doing a Hannah Montana skit called Banana Montana. I actually know clubs across the country […]

I’d like to highlight some good people out there in the YL world… Leader Lounge ( This is a great site by people who understand and do YL. They have skit stuff, intelligent discussion about ‘dem youths, and other helpful links and all. This resource has been around a lot […]