Check these out…

image Here are some sweet things worth checking out…

Matt Golley – A great artist who happens to be going on YL staff in Puerto Rico. I’m buying one right now for our dining room. I really like his use of pages from the book of Acts on this one.

YL Playbook – These guys are posting tons of games that you can use in club. Great “labels” on the side help narrow down what you are looking for.

YL Blog from SoCal – Some cool downloads, including a bookmark with mini quiet times on it for new believers. Very cool!

Leader Lounge – I’ve mentioned these guys (and gal… my wife hates being called “gal” sorry) before. I’ve started listening to their podcast, which is a great resource.

Chad Swanzy – Chad keeps on innovating. Check out the link to see how he is streaming his small group meetings. I am fascinated with the idea and the future of this. Also he has a ridiculously huge picture of himself on his page. He may have a cavity on a back tooth. (The one on his left).

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