Props to my hommies


I’d like to highlight some good people out there in the YL world…

  1. Leader Lounge ( This is a great site by people who understand and do YL. They have skit stuff, intelligent discussion about ‘dem youths, and other helpful links and all. This resource has been around a lot longer than, if you can’t find what you are looking for here, they probably have it.
  2. Chad Swanzy ( Chad seems to know what is going on in the world of YL and youth ministry more than I do. He also highlights his family and personal adventures. You will find a combination of practical helps and odd and interesting tidbits. He also invented this Hawk-a-sausage game, pretty cool.
  3. Retro Fashions ( I’m not gonna lie, my buddy has a sweet t-shirt company that makes the coolest custom shirts for YL and elsewhere. He also has a sweet line of shirts I’m not gonna mention right now. If you need shirts, ask for a design and quote, you won’t be disappointed. He’s also prop’in so that is nice of him.

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