Strange Search Terms…

I can tell which search terms lead people to this blog. Here are a couple funny ones…

"hannah montana skit"

I get TONS of hits from this one. I guess it is because I suggested doing a Hannah Montana skit called Banana Montana. I actually know clubs across the country that did it. Pretty funny.


Hmmm I guess a frustrated YL leader realized either

1) Had to do the club talk in like 5 minutes and starting hitting their head against the keyboard and ended up at

2) They got diss’ed and stood-up by 7th graders who were "too busy to go see a movie" for the millionth time and so the leader pretended each key on the keyboard was like bubble wrap and started popping it to kill time

3) Now leaders who speak hexadecimal are looking for club help.

"bible verse about summer camp"

Seriously? Unless I missed something in Apocrypha, neither Moses nor Jesus or anyone else in the Bible went to summer camp. 

"does Brandon Heath have a girlfriend?"

I’m friends with Brandon, but I’m sorry to say that this blog has nothing to do with Brandon Heath or his girlfriend. Last I heard, he didn’t. For some reason girls just don’t like his music (?) Just kidding. On another note, you should buy his new CD. He’s a great guy. 

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