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Fun Christmas Video for Club and Campaigners

Last year I stumbled across this video and showed it to my campaigners group after our meeting, actually I  posted it here. We are going to use it this week as we work through the Christmas story in Luke. I am also speaking this Friday at an All Area Wyldlife […]

The Incredible Power of an Object Lesson – Winning a Superbowl?

This may be old news to you, but there was a pivotal moment in the New York Giant’s season that led to their Superbowl victory. Some would say that the moment had nothing to do with the X’s and O’s, or the coaching, the preparation, or anything like that. Some […]

Excellent “Need” Sin Talk Video

Last night, Danny, one of our excellent leaders did the “need” sin talk. The “need” talk is often used the week before, or the night before, the traditional sin talk to help introduce the impact of sin on our society and our personal lives. This theme is built upon the […]

Semester Club Talk Plan for the Gospel of John

A few weeks ago I mentioned that our YL region is focusing on the book of John for the entire year. Club, campaigners, leader meetings, region meetings, devotionals, as much as possible. I have written before how much I like going through the gospels in club for talks and campaigners. […]

Seven Talk Ideas for the Semester

I am part of a team that trains the student staff in our YL region and I was talking to them last week about the book of John. In our region we are focusing on the book of John this year. One of the unique features of the book of […]

Talk Idea: Finding Your Real Home

I’m doing the talk tonight and I had already decided to use Mark 1:9-11, the baptism of Jesus. I was hoping to talk about the incarnation and the start of Jesus’ ministry. My wife told me of an amazing news story about a woman who, for years, thought she must […]

Great Club Talk and Campaigner Resource!

YLHelp reader Dan from Quad Cities, Indiana sent me this great resource for club talks. It also includes questions and ideas for campaigners for the same topics. Here are the talks included in this resource: Who Do You Say That I Am? Matthew 16:13-16 Jesus and H20. Matthew 14:22-33 Attempt […]

Talk Idea: Resurrection and Brandon Heath’s “I’m Not Who I Was”

Last Monday I gave the Resurrection talk. I always like to include a part about what it means to be a follower of Jesus in this talk. I love the resurrection talk. It is often under-stated most times I see it at club or camp. The resurrection is the power […]