Unfiltered Talk Notes: Junior High Camp Talks (2 of 5)

I’m posting a series of Wyldlife talks. See this post for the full explanation.

As I said earlier… My theme for all of the talks was to “Live Worthy – By Following Jesus – Through the Power of Jesus”. In each talk I used an analogy of “superheros” to add continuity and curiosity. I will post my unfiltered talk notes, so they may be a bit cryptic. They are literally typed into a “text box” the same size as my Bible so I can cut them out and clip them on the front of my Bible when I speak. So I have to keep them brief and a bit cryptic at times. You will typically see an intro story, a scripture story, and a key phrase I say verbatim at the end of the talk right before I pray. I also will include the cabin time questions. These could turn into campaigner questions if you wanted to use them that way.

Talk 2: Follow Jesus, He is Powerful… To Overcome Any Other Power (Mk. 5:1-20)



1. Describe the man that met Jesus

2. Do you think this man scared people? Why?

3. Do you think this man scared Jesus? Why?

4. Why do you think this man was alone in a graveyard?

5. Why did Jesus go to him?

6. Why did the man bow at Jesus’ feet?

7. How would you answer the man’s question, “What does Jesus have to do with me?”

8. Whose power is greater, Jesus or the man? Why?

9. How do you think his family responded when he came home different?

10. What does this story tell you about Jesus?

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