Excellent “Need” Sin Talk Video

Last night, Danny, one of our excellent leaders did the “need” sin talk. The “need” talk is often used the week before, or the night before, the traditional sin talk to help introduce the impact of sin on our society and our personal lives. This theme is built upon the following week with a talk that focuses more on the impact of sin on our relationship with the Lord. The need talk is a good transition to help people think about sin and its reality.

Danny opened up his talk with references to some of the recent news in the paper and on TV. He didn’t need to, but in the past I’ve even brought in that day’s newspaper to show them how sin is so easy to spot. Then he transitioned briefly about some things that have hurt him, then he played the video below. After the video he walked them through Romans 3:23 and a few other ideas about sin. He closed with some very open sharing about his own life and how sin has impacted it. Finally he gave them a challenge and introduced the talk for the next week and about our hope in Christ as well.

It was a great talk. I asked him how he found the video. He said he went to YouTube and searched, “Young Life Need Talk”, and sure enough, it was right there!

*Just a tip, I never play videos directly from YouTube when I speak, I download them first using a web plugin called “Download Helper”. I’ve used it for years and it is free. If you ever use videos, you should use it.

I hope you enjoy this video. Thanks to the YL leaders who made it:

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