Semester Club Talk Plan for the Gospel of John

image A few weeks ago I mentioned that our YL region is focusing on the book of John for the entire year. Club, campaigners, leader meetings, region meetings, devotionals, as much as possible. I have written before how much I like going through the gospels in club for talks and campaigners. I know at least one club that is now going through the seven “I am” statements in John for club this semester.


I am having our club go through the book of John all year. In order to do that I have come up with a plan of attack. Since there are 21 chapters in the gospel of John and I like to cover the cross and resurrection in both semesters I have decided to go through the odd chapters (chapter 1, 3, 5, etc.) in the Fall and then the even chapters in the Spring. This does take some careful planning. Some chapters lend themselves nicely to certain types of talks. Sometimes it is challenging, such as John 7, there are not many obvious “club talk” stories in this chapter. There is no need to force anything, but I think there is incredible value in letting the scriptures shape the topics and focus even if it doesn’t always fit “our” mold. I’ve done this in speaking at camp with the demoniac in Mark 5 and others that have seemed important to talk about even if they are uncommon in YL.

Additionally, like I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve found it helpful to limit the choices for leaders when they do “person of Christ” talks since the topic is exciting, but incredibly broad. Asking a leader to pick any story from John 11 simplifies the process and helps give direction.

We have not gone through this yet, but a similar plan with the gospel of Mark has worked in the past. So, if you are interested, here is our plan for the Fall:

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