Resources for Senior Leader Training Seminar

imageI was privileged to teach a seminar at Lost Canyon this weekend on being a Senior Leader.

I know that there are a ton of volunteer senior leader / team leaders out there leading teams of missionaries to local schools. Way to go! And if there is anything I can do to help provide resources to make your life easier, please let me know. I promised the group that I would post some of the resources I mentioned as a part of the “administrative details” part of my seminar. Here they are…

Pinnacle YL Facebook Page:

Pinnacle YL generic flier (jpg):

Pinnacle YL generic flier (pub):

Link to 77 club plans:

Link to calendar and weekly meeting plan:

Link to how to run a brainstorming meeting:

Link to generic club card (pdf):

Link to generic club card (pub):

Hope that helps!


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