77 Club Plans in One File

imageEven though I know a lot of you are still in the midst of summer camp, club is right around the corner for others of us! The first day of school in my area is next week. In fact, I helped out at a team meeting for one of our clubs last week and we started making our semester plans.

To help their planning I made a zip file of 77 full club plans that they can use as needed. Almost all of the plans have been featured on YLHelp over the years, but this way you can get them all in one place and keep them on your computer. If you need more ideas, Drew has done an incredible job post tons of great ideas. Check out his post here. I hope this helps all of your club planning and takes the weight off your shoulders to do more relational work!

If you are not familiar with a zip file, it is a file which is basically a folder with files in it. You should be able to open it easily and automatically with most computers.

Hope this is helpful for you all!

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