Tips on a Great YL Dodgeball Club

imageThis coming Monday we have our annual all-area dodgeball club. For us it is a huge kickoff for our entire area and the students really get into it.

Here are my five best tips:

1. Promote the event – The easiest way to do this is through Facebook. This year we did something special (see below).

2. Have the right gear – Make sure you use the right (safe, fast, fun) dodgeballs. I use these.

3. Have a solid plan – See our plan here.

4. Deliver a short, direct talk – Here is an example.

5. Have your best club planned for the next week – Have something awesome planned the following week.

This year we put together an awesome shirt with some help from Ryan at Retro Fashions.

On the back it has 10 spots for students to sign up to be on a team. So we gave shirts to our junior leaders and team captains to wear for about three weeks before the event. Then students would see it, ask about it, and then sign up, right on their shirt! Contact Ryan if you would like something like this, he will take care of you!



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