8 Clubs 41 Chord Sheets 8 PowerPoints #Savetime

YLHelp’s aim is to provide resources for leaders to be in relationships.
Relationships aren’t scalable, resources are. YLhelp exists to save leaders time so they can be with people.
Perhaps nothing is more time-wasting than locating chord sheets and making PowerPoints/Keynotes for club. Do the math…
Young Life has currently 7,334 ministries Lets assume each club does 20 meetings per year and puts 15 minutes each week into preparing music. That equals 36,670 HOURS per year. Hours that could be spent in relationships! Lots of assumptions, of course in that estimate. Also, there are lots of benefits to planning music for club, you can do that in relationships too (with club kids is best)! However, if you are like me, you are usually squeezing these details the day of club, and worst, as kids are arrving at club.

I’ve posted music resources before (HERE and HERE for two examples). Also, my Square Dance tutorial is one of my most-watched videos (All join hands…!) But, the thing about songs in club is that they need to stay current. Some songs work well for a long time (Sweet Caroline), others fall quickly (Call Me Maybe… anyone?) My club playlist from last year mostly works, but it usually needs some adjustments. We are also in a new club song drought (we held our breath and Taylor let us down haha).
So, I’m passing along my 2017 Fall club song plan. It includes:

  1. Overview of all club songs for each club
  2. A folder with all the song chords
  3. A folder for each week that includes the full PowerPoint (5 songs each) and the song chords for that week (just hit “print” on the five files and you are all set).

I hope that helps! Also, feel free to toss any songs you don’t like, it usually comes down to preference. And, please, send me anything you have… we need each other – how much? About 36,670 per year much.
Hope that helps save you some time to invest in relationships!
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