Talk Tuesday! Posts on the Gospel of John for Club Talks

As I mentioned earlier, I was planning on using Periscope on Tuesday nights at 8:30PM (AZ) to share some ideas about doing club talks through the Gospel of John, one chapter per week. The main reason is to help leaders in my area (and they have been using it, yippee!), but I thought others might be interested too. We are three weeks in and starting to find a rhythm. I’m hoping that I can keep this up for the entire Gospel of John, we will see!

I’ve had people contact me trying to find the information so I have created a dedicated page on YLHelp. Below is a copy of the page as it stands today. I will update it as we go. You can find that page HERE ( You can find the link to this page at the top of the website.

Followers of YLHelp will know that I recommend going through a gospel a year, using the odd chapters in the Fall and the even chapters in the Spring. Below you will find a passage from each chapter of the gospels along with a sheet of tips on the talk and a video where I give some tips and suggestions on the passage and ideas about how to use it in a club talk. I will update this page as the details come available.

Gospel Of John: Fall 2015 / Spring 2016

Overall Plan Click Here

John 1:1-3,14, 35-46, Incarnation

Help Sheet Click Here


John 3:1-21, Person of Christ (Changing Lives)

Help Sheet Click Here


John 5:1-15, Person of Christ (Healing)

Help Sheet Click Here


Looking for campaigners resources? Look here.

Looking for a way to get contact work started in the Fall? Look here.

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