Dutch Bros Club


This club might not make sense if you don’t have a Dutch Bros Coffee in your state. Basically in a lot of states on the west coast Dutch Bros is a rapidly growing coffee shop. Since I don’t drink coffee (never liked the taste) I have no idea if it is a good coffee shop, but what I do know is that the “vibe” at Dutch Bros is over-the-top to the max, to say the least.

For instance, when my wife went there recently a highly caffeinated young man with a floral hat on backward over his man-bun said, “what a RAD ride sista, it is siiick”. My wife drives an aging Honda minivan with some decent-size dents in it from YL people borrowing it. Next he asked, “So what are your plans for the DAY?!?” My wife replied, “taking my kids to their orthodontist appointments.” The man with too many hand-made fabric bracelets from another country replied while doing a mini drum solo with a few straws, “That sounds AWESOME… LOVE it.”

If you don’t have a Dutch Bros, maybe you have something similar. If not, maybe you will enjoy our three-part video we played at club, we spread it out in between mixers, games, and announcements.

For the club plan CLICK HERE

On a more serious note… If you are looking for some help with club talks, consider the updates being posted to the Gospel of John Talk Tuesday! Series… CLICK HERE

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