3 Things to Help Your Semester Planning


In my next of the woods, though there are no woods in my city, we started school about two weeks ago. So we are in full swing. In fact, we’ve already begun contact work, club events, area leadership meetings, new leader training, club semester planning, and more. I thought I’d pass along three things that we used that might help you…

1. Leader Pre-Semester Survey

I’ve made the mistake in years past to assume I know how every leader is doing, what the year has in store for them, and where they’d like to focus this year. Of course I have conversations with all of them, but I also use this form so I don’t miss anything. I hand it out at our semester club planning meeting.

Leader Pre-Semester Survey

2. 30 Days of Contact Work Sign-Up Calendar

We have committed to at least one leader on campus for 30 days in a row to start the semester. Even if kids aren’t there we will prayer-walk the school. This isn’t rocket science but I pass around a calendar and have adult leaders sign up; the junior leader then also know who will be around that day. I also text our leaders the night before to encourage them and pray for them. To do this I just took a picture of the calendar after we filled it out and made a daily reminder on my iPhone/Google calendar.

30 Days of Contact Work Sign-Up Calendar

3. Pinnacle YL Club Planning Rough Outline

This is what we came up with from our club planning meeting. Some of the details need to be worked out, but perhaps you can delete the info and just use it as a template for your semester if you need one. I will be writing out detailed plans and posting them as we do them.

PHS 2014 Fall Semester Club Outline

If you need help running a planning meeting, see this post. If you are looking for a ton of club plans, look here and here.

Many blessings on you all as things get going. I am excited to see all that Jesus will do at Pinnacle HS, my club, but also yours all over the world!

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PS… If you are looking for campaigner resources see this post and maybe this too.

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