Denny Rydberg to Step Down From Role

image Many know that Denny Rydberg, the second longest tenured President of Young Life other than Jim Rayburn, has an important role that he plays in the mission of YL. Recently many really have applauded Denny for his creative initiatives allowing Young Life to reach more teenagers than ever before. Even with all this momentum, we are sad to hear the surprising announcement in the Young Life Sunday Morning email, Palm Sunday edition, that Denny will no longer be in his role as backup performer of the “Teach Me How to Denny” dance. Many thought this was the key to YL stepping it up to the next level in reaching kids for Jesus.

Southwest Regional Director John Irwin responded today via email saying, quote, “This is a sad day for YL. Errr body loves him, Errr errr body loves him.” Elk Grove Area Director, and YL Brand Ambassador, Andi Yanok could be heard all over the Twitter-sphere in less than 140 characters, “You ain’t messing with my Denny #errbody”.

In other news, stock prices have been soaring, and many in the YL world can guess the number one performing company of the 2011-2012 school year (the school year is a new Wall Street metric). You guessed it,image Kiwi shoe shine company. There have been accusations that many in the YL world have some sort of insider trading connections due to an unusually strong number of conference calls supporting the brand. Kiwi has responded with a nearly unprecedented gift to the camping department. It is no surprise that this summer YL’s newest camp will be the “Kiwi Shoe Shine for Car Windows Family Ranch, Sponsored by Kiwi Shoe Shine” (KSSFCWFRSBKSS for short). Camp Manager Josh Smiley sent out a secure email to friends saying, “I can’t wait to ride the liquid shoe shine super slide on a plastic tray!”

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