YL President Denny Rydberg to do program at Lost Canyon this summer

imageAssignment teams were just updated for the summer. There have been several changes, especially due to financial challenges. Staff who previously were slated  for summer assignments have requested to stay in their communities over the summer to work on fundraising. One of the surprises is that the second assistant program director slot for second session at Lost Canyon, located in Williams, Arizona, will be filled by Young Life president Denny Rydberg. Denny received a lot of insider support for the second assistant program role after his skit at the All Staff Conference went better then expected. The bit with Jack Hannah likely locked it up. 

An upcoming edition of the monthly YL Insider newsletter will feature coverage of this move and why Rydberg was willing to fill the spot. What I heard was that he really wanted to reconnect with the world of kids that come to our camps. The housing situation will be tricky since Denny will be there with his wife, but Josh Smiley from Lost Canyon told me they will be happy to host him in Cliff’s Gulley or Mastodon Lodge. I say hats-off to Denny for this move. You can read more about it here.

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