Three Components of a Great Camp Video


I remember sitting in a small room in 1995 at Woodleaf as the staff edited the VHS camp videos they hoped to get to kids in time before they left. One entire night was left to render (basically get the computer to start a video process and then leave it alone) the intro to the camp video. They would have the computer run overnight just for the opening 20 second scene. The staff also had to finish the video about 36 hours early so someone could drive the master copy to Sacramento to make bulk copies of the VHS tapes in time for the kids before they left on buses (it was all worth it for the ropes course scene with the Enya soundtrack in the background) . I’m sure a couple old farts will say “you were LUCKY” about all this camp video stuff, but all that to say… camp videos have come a long way!

The very best video guy I’ve met is Ashley Maddox. His wife Tanita is on YL staff in Santa Barbara. He has a great guest post on making camp videos and other things from YL video guru Dan Dyer. At Ashley’s website you can also get some inspiration from other videos he has put together. Be sure to check out his post:

Making Camp Videos with Dan Dyer

Here are two of my favorite videos Ashley has made. The first is the best video I know of to explain camp to parents (and donors). The second one is a promo for Lost Canyon.

Lost Canyon: The Eric Scofield Tour from W. Ashley Maddox on Vimeo.

Young Life Lost Canyon (2008-09) from W. Ashley Maddox on Vimeo.

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