Troy Gray appointed Wyldlives Champion for the Western Division. Also a new camp announcement!

image For decades in our efforts to reach a world of kids Young Life has connected with high school kids in our traditional Young Life clubs. “In the past few decades junior high students have been reached with Wyldlife, kids with disabilities have come to love Capernaum Young Life, teen moms have found a safe haven with YoungLives, and in our commitment to reach every kid, many of us have applauded Young Life’s newest venture, Wyldlives”, says the newly appointed Western Division Wyldlives champion Troy Gray, current Area Director in Tempe, Arizona.

“Troy’s strong commitment to discipleship combined with his availability due to canceling summer camp assignment placements makes him the perfect candidate to champion the ‘missing gap’ in our work with teenagers”, says good friend Chris McGuire, Area Director in Burbank, California. In an email sent to staff using the Emma newsletter, Troy wrote a story, ironically, about a girl named Emma who did not fit in any existing ministry in Young Life which helped him request a new ministry to fit in the RWOK initiative.

All of this excitement for WyldLives has drawn the interest of donors which has led to an exciting announcement that money has already been given, ground has already been broken, and camp will open this summer as the third property at Washington Family Ranch for a camp that will focus only on Wyldlives, which is tentatively called “Big Muddy at WAFARA”. This unique camp will co-brand with like-minded businesses and is excited to announce that mainstreet at Big Muddy will include a Hot Topic and a Baby’s R Us situated right next to the bead shop. Gray is quoted at saying, “You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to fundraise for this new ministry.”clip_image003

In other news, the 2012 All Staff Conference Celebration is excited to announce that the RWOK initiative has been renamed to be in line with the new mascot for the mission and conference, Entering a World of Kids (EWOK). For more information please check out this link, this link and this one also.

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