Mom Club


A few weeks ago we had a lot of fun with mom club. Several people came dressed up like a mom, no offense to you moms out there. We also had some cookies when kids showed up. You could have some milk too to make it special. When kids were arriving we played the song “Stacy’s Mom” in the background. That might have been a little sketchy but YOLO, jk. I am trying to use YOLO for the next 48 hours before it is “sooo 48 hours ago”.

We started off club with the pregnant balloon pop mixer. For our game we pulled up a few boys and some young ladies and told them it was a kissing contest, the boys would be blindfolded and then they would need to describe, in detail, the kiss. After the guys were blindfolded we brought in their moms. They kissed their moms and described it. We picked kids (and moms) that we thought would have fun with it but wouldn’t get too silly with it. Obviously we had to arrange this a few days early with the moms, but the guys had no idea. It was a ton of fun, lots of laughs, and kids were talking about it for days at school. It also gave us a good opportunity to have a few moms come and check out club.

Here is the plan we used…

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