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They tell me that leaders are looking for help with campaigners, with club, with situations with kids, and a lot with club talks.

Very soon I will be telling you about a bunch of help we will post about club talks and campaigners. It is very exciting and a lot of people are working on it.

1. TalkPrep – Message Worksheet – Woman Caught in Adultery – A worksheet that helps plan a talk on the woman caught in adultery.

2. Campaigners Chaos – Getting them to talk: Faces Handout – A fun ready-to-print handout for campaigners.

3. The BEST Talk Illustrations (3 of 5) Video clip and talk idea from Blood Diamond – I am your father who loves you.

4. Entire Semester of Club Plans Download – A full semester of club plans.

5. What NOW? – Female student won’t leave male leader alone – Just one of those things we deal with.

6. Cross Talk Help – A Harmony of the Cross Story – A helpful summary when doing a cross talk.

7. Cabin Time Continued… Campaigners Bible Study – A campaigners booklet you can order with a free chapter to download.


Any posts that you liked? Any topics you would like covered more?


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