Talk Illustration – Video Clip from “The Most”

My friend Twiggs years ago showed me a short foreign movie about the famous story of the drawbridge operator who closed the bridge on his son in order to save the people on the train. If you can watch it in its entirety, I recommend it. We watched it after camp with an all-area campaigners and had powerful small group discussions afterwards.

I used this earlier this year in a cross talk. I think there are lots of ways to use this clip. It is not a perfect analogy of the cross or atonement (for example, Christ’s death was voluntary by Christ, not an “accident”), but there are some very powerful themes that this clip is able to get right to.

Earlier this year we had a follow-up discussion in campaigners about this clip. Here are a few of the questions we used…

Q: What do you think those people were thinking when they crossed the bridge?

Q: How is this similar about the way people treat God?

Q: How did the father feel about his son?

Q: How do you think the father felt about the people on the train afterward?

Q: What does the movie motivate you to do in your relationship with God?

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