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Gospel of Luke: Clubs Synchronize Talks This Year

Two things come up over and over on this blog… I like going through the gospels for club talks (and campaigners… see here and here and here) and I like collaboration. It was only a matter of time before I combined the two. This year in our area all of […]

Humor in YL: Great Article to Read

I’m sure many of you get the “Monday Morning” email from YL. Today there was a great article about humor in YL by Lee Corder. In our FYL training we always take at least one week to study some basic theological and practical considerations regarding laughter and humor. I’ll be […]

Club Music: A Deeper Look (Guest Post from Eric Hoskins)

Recently I posted some resources for club music. One of the resources was from Eric Hoskins, Area Director in Sarasota, FL. He was nice enough to write up some great thoughts about club music and I wanted to share them with you all! — When I joined the Young Life […]

FYL Program Highlighted

We are now in our fifth year of our FYL program. If you were to ask my committee and long term volunteers to have me do one thing and one thing only as a staff person, I think they would say… keep doing FYL. In fact, some have actually told […]

Work Crew Training Resource – Writing Your Testimony Work Sheets

We are starting our summer Work Crew training next week. We have done various things in years past: here and here are some examples. This year we are collaborating with another area for a new approach. We will have two weeks of training online via a Facebook group and submitting […]