Camp Blitz (1 of 5): New Leader Training Packet for Summer Camp

imageIt may be too late for some of you, but I thought I’d post our training packet for new leaders. We go through it with all of our new leaders about a week before we go to camp. Some of the details might be specific to the camps our area goes to, and some of our own specific philosophies may be different from yours. Feel free to edit it as needed. Remember… every new leader needs to be trained before camp. I’ve had the privilege of serving as work crew boss, program, speaker, and director at many summer camps and it is obvious when people came to camp and were not prepared; usually it makes it difficult for them, their kids, and the rest of the camp, and I don’t blame them, I just wonder why they weren’t trained. Occasionally we re-train everyone in our area (taught by our experienced leaders) as a refresher. Blessings on all of your camping this summer!

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