Humor in YL: Great Article to Read

imageI’m sure many of you get the “Monday Morning” email from YL. Today there was a great article about humor in YL by Lee Corder.

In our FYL training we always take at least one week to study some basic theological and practical considerations regarding laughter and humor. I’ll be adding Lee’s article to our training.

Here are some excellent thoughts from the article about how to apply humor in YL:

  • Always remember that humor is proclamation. Use humor that glorifies God and is consistent with His Word.
  • Challenge culture as our humor lines up with the "fruit of the Spirit" (Galatians 5).
  • Use humor that reminds us to laugh at ourselves rather than others.
  • Are careful to use humor and laughter that leads to the "lighter side" of life.
  • Express excellence in presentation with costumes and "Go the extra mile." We don’t just announce the mountain climb; we sell it fully decked out in climbing gear.
  • Create an atmosphere that allows kids to relax and ‘forget about themselves’.

Even today, in our junior leader training at lunch at PV high school I was training juniors and seniors about club and how we use humor, laughter, and joy as key tools for proclaiming Christ.

If you want to access the full article you can find it here. A pdf is available


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