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Great Club Talk and Campaigner Resource!

YLHelp reader Dan from Quad Cities, Indiana sent me this great resource for club talks. It also includes questions and ideas for campaigners for the same topics. Here are the talks included in this resource: Who Do You Say That I Am? Matthew 16:13-16 Jesus and H20. Matthew 14:22-33 Attempt […]

Live Like This Part 2

I am happy to announce that Live Like This Part 2 is now available. Thank you to everyone for your encouraging emails and comments about Live Like This Part 1. I have continued to find the wisdom found in the Sermon on the Mount to be challenging and rewarding not […]

New Resource: Live Like This – Plus a Free Giveaway

For those of you who have followed YLHelp for a while, you probably have seen that I have published a booklet for camp follow-up called Cabin Time Continued. It is a series of 10 Bible studies perfect for when you come home from camp. I’ve seen people use it just […]

Weekend Camp Cabin Time Questions

I recently spoke at a YL weekend camp. One of the best pieces of YL camp speaking advice I ever received was to plan your cabin time questions before you plan your talk. Obviously you tweak them after you study the scripture and the rest of the talk planning process, […]

Club Talk and Campaigners Sync is BACK!: Mark 6

Last Spring, we began an ambitious project to write a club talk and corresponding campaigner lesson for each chapter of the Gospel of Mark. We got through 5 chapters and then needed to pause. Over the summer we received lots of positive feedback. In fact, just yesterday Vince, a leader […]

Three Teams on Each Club Team

I know an amazing senior leader who has organized his team in a new way this semester. (Go Alex!) He decided to form three teams with his leaders. While everyone participates in the activities of each team, those on the team have specific responsibilities. It is all outlined below. What […]

Camp Follow-Up Idea

Here is an idea passed along by my friend Drew from Colorado. His friend Zach came up with an idea for follow-up from camp. Instead of putting a book into kids hands and asking them to read it. Zach is sending out an abbreviated version of a quiet time for […]

Club Talk and Campaigners Sync: Update

You may have noticed that the updates of the Sync through Mark have slowed down. There are a couple of reasons, but I want to let you know that we hope to continue them in the Fall. In the mean time, we will shirt our focus to summer camping, follow-up […]

Campaigners Cards – TMS based question cards

One of my favorite tools is the Navigator TMS Topical Memory System. I recently had a need for some quick-hit verses and questions. I came up with these and I thought I’d share them with you. Just print them and cut them out. I have included 40 verses with a […]

Club Talk and Campaigners Sync: Mark 5

Here is the fifth installment of Sync through Mark… Sync: Mark 5 Club Talk Sync: Mark 5 Campaigner Plan I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on these in email and conversations. Any feedback you’d like to post in the comments? Anything that has really helped or could be added […]