Three Teams on Each Club Team

IMG_6867 I know an amazing senior leader who has organized his team in a new way this semester. (Go Alex!) He decided to form three teams with his leaders. While everyone participates in the activities of each team, those on the team have specific responsibilities. It is all outlined below.

What I like about this is that is spreads out the planning and puts a few people in place who are always thinking about their specific area. Ideally it should add accountability and make it easier to not forget about a key area of the club team. This is also a way to place leaders who are more gifted with certain things in charge of their specialty.

In case you think this is impossible with your team because it is too small… on their team there is one, or two, “adult” leaders on each team and then about 2 leaders who are still in high school. So this approach could work for a team that only has three leaders.

Disciple Team

As leaders we are not called to make converts to Christianity but Disciples. Our goal is to teach kids more about Christ, help them on their walk with Christ, and train them to be the light to their friends and family.

Responsibilities for the semester

  1. Determine teaching plan for the semester (topical, expository)
  2. Organize readings for each campaigner meeting (Lesson, Book/Chapter)
  3. Give the team a outline of Campaigner lessons/readings for the semester (needed by 9.21.09)
  4. Make bookmarks for Campaigner kids
  5. Recruit Work Crew Kids for Work Crew Weekend (10.2.09-10.04.09)

Responsibilities for the week

  1. Lead campaigner discussions each week
  2. Remind kids of the readings each week

Outreach Team

Outreach is going where kids are. Outreach is our opportunity as leaders to show Christ in the world no matter where we are, or what we are doing. Outreach is meeting kids at school, at sporting events, hanging out with kid and inviting them to see who Christ is through our interactions with them.

Responsibilities for the semester

  1. Plan out of club outreach events (needed by 9.21.09)
  2. Once a month, movie night, In N Out night, Post Homecoming Party, etc.
  3. Gather Sports schedules, Plays schedules, and distribute to the team (needed by 9.21.09)

Responsibilities for the week

  1. Set up, and organize Ultimate Frisbee each week
  2. Be on campus every week

Club Team

Club is the an opportunity to invite kids to be themselves, meet new people, meet leaders, and hear about how Christ has impacted the lives of the leaders that serve in Young Life.

Responsibilities for the semester

  1. Organize the themes, games, at club events, and skits for club
  2. Create a Camp Sell Skit
  3. Give the team leader a summary of what is needed and how games work for each game/mixer at club (needed by 9.21.09)

Responsibilities for the week

  1. Print out club line up from the team leader and bring it to club prep
  2. Make PowerPoint slides for the songs at club each week

Team Leader

  1. Organize and distribute club line up via email each week
  2. Support and assist each team, Disciple, Outreach and Club
  3. Provide needs and supplies for each team
  4. Set an example for other leaders to follow

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