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image I hope you enjoy I don’t do this often, but I wanted to let you know about some booklets that I have written. On YLHelp I’ve posted 258 different posts full of ideas that you can read and use anytime. Enjoy! Here are some other resources that might help your campaigners, one-on-one discipleship or Bible studies. I know many of you have been ordering these for your Fall campaigners.

Cabin Time Continued

This booklet is a series of lessons that are geared for camp follow-up. It reviews the main topics we normally cover at camp and then a few critical first topics for getting start in Christ. A lot of people have brought these to camp to give to kids at the end of the week, or to use right when they get back. Each lesson can also be used on its own, apart from camp. I just used one for a weekend retreat for college kids to use for their morning devotional.

Live Like This Part 1

This booklet is a study on the Sermon on the Mount. These three chapters in Matthew are broken up into 20 lessons (1-10 in Part 1 and 11-20 in Part 2). I chose the Sermon on the Mount for these booklets because I believe this section of scripture is the most compact and intense teaching on Jesus’ vision for the world built through the lives of his followers. The topics are very practical and simply just a walk through scripture. I even used these as a springboard for our couples Bible study group over the course of a year.

Live Like This Part 2

This booklet continues where Part 1 left off and finished the final 10 lessons.

If you would like more information, some samples lessons to download, or want to order online, check out this page.

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