Spring Semester Template and Gospel of John Plan


Hey there! It is game time for Spring club plans to come together. Game on.

I thought I’d pass along our template for our Spring semester planning meeting this Monday. (File HERE, tips on how to run the meeting HERE, other ideas HERE)

I also wanted to pass along the Spring (even chapters) plan for the Gospel of John club talks. For those who are interested I will give further details in the upcoming Talk Tuesday! posts, but I hope this be helpful too. (File HERE)

One quick note about the Spring (even chapters) plan for the Gospel of John… The even chapters present some exciting and challenging passages for YL leaders to consider about Jesus and the way we present the gospel. Remember the gospel found in the Gospel of John is the gospel. When you are scratching your head saying, “how does this fit in a club talk?”… this is a good question to wrestle with; one that the author of scripture wants you to wrestle with! Remember good questions/challenges/problems don’t have quick answers. Just keep giving the kids Jesus!

PS If you have anything you have put together that might help others, send it my way!

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