17 Wyldlife Club Plans and Two Basic Flyer Templates


Hey there YLHelp friends, Happy New Year! It has been a while since I wrote the last post. I have been busy on lots of projects which, when they come to fruition, will hopefully help lots of YL friends, I’ll give you the scoop when they are ready. Also, in case you missed it I have been continuing my Talk Tuesday! videos through the gospel of John (see HERE and HERE). Other than that I only try to post stuff when I think I have something useful, so here is something I think you can use…

The fantastic Paradise Valley WL team passed me their club plans from the Fall and the Spring.

17 PV Wyldlife Club Plans File

These include:

  • Fiesta Club
  • Cheese Club
  • Superbowl Club
  • Birthday Club
  • St. Patrick’s Club
  • Prank Club
  • Twin Club
  • Cowboy Club
  • Luau Club
  • Neon Club
  • Minute to Win it Club
  • Pizza Club
  • ‘Merica Club
  • Costume Club
  • Donut Club
  • Thanksgiving Club
  • Hillbilly Club

Also we have two basic flyers we used for each semester. I’ve attached them. Unfortunately we only have them in Publisher (.pub) format, but here they are!

Spring Flyer
Fall Flyer

They aren’t fancy but maybe they will help. Enjoy!

Looking for campaigners resources? Look here.

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