12 Lies We Battle as a YL/WL Leader


You have been lied to. We all have been lied to. Satan is a liar, not only a liar but the father of lies (John 8:44).

C.S. Lewis showed us the wisdom of knowing the schemes of the enemy. Below is a list of 12 lies we battle as a YL or WL leader. These were put together by Lise Gawin, who is on Young Life staff in Phoenix, Arizona. She has also put together fantastic notes and Bible verses you can find in THIS FILE.

I’d suggest you do a personal inventory. Ask yourself, “what are the top two lies I am tempted to believe?” You could also use this in leadership meetings by handing out the list and asking them to do their own inventory. Similarly, you could go through one each week in your pre-club or team meeting. Lise’s notes could help you with your prep for this, she gives a “truth” for each lie and scriptures for each one as well.

LIE #1: (Overconfidence) “I have got this”

LIE #2: (Lack of confidence) “I definitely don’t got this”

LIE #3: (Incompetent/unequipped/unqualified) “I’m not good enough at ________”

LIE #4: (Unknowledgeable) “I don’t know enough of the Bible”

LIE #5: (Too dry/over-exhausted) “I don’t have anything left to give”

LIE #6: (Not seeing fruit) “God isn’t using me. Am I even making an impact?”

LIE #7: (Comparison) “I’m not as liked/talented/etc. as the other leaders”

LIE #8: (Can’t be myself) “Kids won’t like me for who I am if I’m not on my ‘game’ 24/7”

LIE #9: (Lack of support) “I’m alone in ministry”

LIE #10: (Unvalued/unloved) “My team doesn’t like me or value me”

LIE #11: (Distraction) “Squirrel!”

LIE #12: (I’m not a savior) “It’s my job to save you”

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